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This page is dedicated to gear, products, and services created and crafted by extraordinary people, that we recommend to anyone in the traditional archery or hunting community in general.  As believers in the economic importance of small business, we stand behind these products and will continue to support these great people and companies.  All links will take you directly to their appropriate websites.

A+ Slingshots

Perry and Kay of A+ Slingshots  have been turning some of the best elastic killing machines for quite some time.  Perry was rooted in the heritage of slingshot hunting thanks to his father who grew up chasing down game with slingshots during the great depression.  Not only are these slingshots a symbol of American Culture, they are deadly.  With models that can shoot BB’s, all the way up to ones that can shoot 1 inch round rocks, there is something for everyone.

Paleo Tracks Survival

Donny Dust, founder and lead instructor at Paleo Tracks Survival, has enough knowledge and skills for anyone to be able to learn something from him.  Him and his crew are highly knowledgeable in wilderness self-reliance, primitive weapons, flint knapping, hunting, natural navigation, fire making, tracking, shelter building, game tracking, water procurement, wilderness health/comfort, bushcraft, first aid, cold weather survival, jungle survival, desert survival, low/high altitude survival, and urban survival.  These guys are the real deal!  Learn more about Donny and Paleo Tracks Survival by listening to Episode 23 and Episode 40.


Addictive Archery

Andy Ponce creates beautiful arrows out of his shop in Gervais, Oregon.  His woods arrows are highly functional and deadly artwork.  He offers them as simple or as complex and detailed as you’d like.  His shafts are locally sourced from a neighboring company, Surewood Shafts (  Andy also makes amazing strings, silencers, and has a great selection of archery tackle.  If you’re thinking about trying wood arrows, or want to change your current set up, give him a call.  Andy will be more than helpful in aiding you though fitting and proper spine for your bow type and shooting style.  To hear more about these great arrows listen to  Episode 15 by clicking here.


Jimmy Tarps

Jimmy Tarps offers much more than just tarps.  Tents, rain kilts, game bags, ID holders, and pack covers; just to name a few.  Designed by visionary Jim Dean, built by himself and family members, this gear is the real deal for lightweight backcountry shelters and accessories.  Jim thoroughly test all of his products and prototypes himself, depending on them to perform during long durations in the backcountry.   Currently, they sell off of Ebay or through Facebook.  Jim is quick to answer and questions and help you in making the right decisions.  To hear more about Jimmy Tarps, listen to Episode 14 by clicking here.


Holm-Made Traditional Bows

Chad Holm of Holm-Made Traditional Bows is an amazing and talented bowyer.  His personality and humbleness shines throughout the functional art he creates.  His longbows and recurves are simply amazing.  Chad is very willing to help aid you along in the process of designing and fitting your custom bow.  10/10 recommend to anyone looking for a custom bow that appreciates things done the hard way.

The Hidden Woodsmen

The Hidden Woodsman makes some great packs and gear for the outdoors.   I use The Haversack bag on all of my 1/2 day sits in the stand or for relatively short walk-ins.  Hand made right here in the United States.  Tough, durable, and simple.

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VPA Archery

Vantage Point Archery (VPA) make an absolutely killer broadhead.  I shoot their 3 blade, non-vented, in 200 grain and have harvested multiple animals with them.  They create a large wound channel that supports a clean and ethical harvest of the animals we pursue.  These American made beauties penetrate heavy bone and perform exceedingly well for the traditional bowhunter.

CPS Course Image

Shot IQ

ShotIQ, also known as Ironmind Hunting/Academy, has an amazing program that can give you the success to overcome target panic – so long as you’re willing to work for it.  Joel Turn, Founder of ShotIQ, shares a wealth of knowledge and tips to lead you into success in an online course.  I was a little hesitant at first about an online archery course, but the system works great.  The ability to go back at anytime and work through lessons to stay sharp is by far the best part to me.  This is an invaluable resource and course I recommend for anyone in archery.


Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf Portable Treestands have changed the game in mobile hunting.  These are no doubt the quietest, most simple to use portable treestands I have ever used.  I was turned onto Lone Wolf’s product while listening to the Traditional Bowhunting and Wilderness Podcast by Jason Samkowiak.  This piece of gear has made me think outside of the box about how I set up, allowing me to see more deer and have more shot opportunities than ever before.  Also, being a traditional bowhunter, the platform works well with both shooting and drawing a longbow or recurve.  Made right here in America, these things are the real deal.

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