Episode 58: Rumble in the Jungle 2019

This week Aaron and the bear hunting crew talk about their recent hunt in Idaho. Five guys, all with the stick and string, reminisce their mistakes, lessons learned, and their amazing successes. There are plenty of laughs and a ton of bear tips in here! Enjoy!


Episode 57: Organic Archery

This week Mike is joined by Correy Hawk of Organic Archery. We talk about building selfbows, arrow making, fitness, Correy’s upcoming plans, and bowhunting. Be sure to check out the links below to find out more about Correy and Organic Archery! If you’re looking to get into bow making, there is also a link for the Traditional Bowhunters Bible set posted below available from 3 Rivers Archery.

Organic Archery: https://www.organicarchery.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/organic_archer/?hl=en

Traditional Bowhunters Bible: https://www.3riversarchery.com/traditional-bowyers-bible-complete-set-of-books.html


Episode 56: Spring Review

This week Mike and Aaron get caught up on everything from their Spring seasons. Topics discussed are turkey season, pack goats, 3D shoots, spring bear, spring squirrel, and more! If you like what you hear, please leave us a review! Enjoy!


Episode 55: Aron Snyder & Randy Cooling

This week is kind of a party. We talk to Aron Snyder and Randy cooling about all sorts of topics. Trad Vanes, tuning, arrow selection, and even travel tips. Be sure to follow these guys on Instagram and Facebook by simply searching their names. Enjoy!


Episode 54: A Quiver Full of Arrows

This week Bob Smith of Big Stick Archery joins Aaron to talk spring bear and their prep for the hunt. Other topics covered are Bob’s recently released book “A Quiver Full of Arrows,” archery setups, and more. Be sure to check out Bob’s bows at the link below. You can also follow him on Instagram and Facebook by searching “Big Stick Archery”. Best of luck out there this spring and summer! Enjoy!

Big Stick Archery: http://www.bigstickarchery.com/

A Quiver Full of Arrows: http://www.bigstickarchery.com/store/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bigstickarchery/?pnref=lhc

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bigstickarchery/


Episode 53: Clay Newcomb, Spring Bear Tactics

This week Aaron talks with our good friend Clay Newcomb, president of Bear Hunting Magazine. Clay and Aaron discuss Clay’s spring bear hunt in Montana, future hunts, tactics, traditional bowhunting, and bear habitat. Follow Clay on Instagram and Facebook by searching for @claynewcomb. Clay has a lot of great Podcasts available on his website. If you’re a bear hunter, listening to these is a MUST! Search for Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast to listen!


Bear Hunting Magazine: http://www.bear-hunting.com/

Clay Newcomb Media: http://www.claynewcombmedia.com/

Bear Horizon: https://www.carbontv.com/shows/bear-horizon/



Episode 52: Vince Smith, Lonesome Wind Custom Bows

This week we are joined by Vince Smith of Lonesome Wind Custom Bows. Bowyer, hunter, traveler, and volunteer… He does it all. We discuss bow building, bowhunting, what Nebraska has to offer an outdoorsman, traveling to Africa, and many other topics. Be sure to follow Vince on Instagram and Facebook to see what he’s up to and the beautiful bows he makes. Enjoy!


Episode 51: Mikhail Merkurieff, MerkWares LLC.

Mikhail Merkurieff is the found of MerkWares LLC, maker of the Emberlit Stove, various fire accessories, survival gear, and our much loved Cabuya fishing handlines. We talk about Selfbows, hunting, fishing, survival, bushcraft, and much more. Be sure to check out Mikhail’s full product line over at MerkWares (links below). You can find him on Facebook and Instagram by searching for @emberlit. Enjoy!

MerkWares YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/nwmanitou

Emberlit and MerkWares Website: https://emberlit.com/

Cabuya Handlines: https://cabuyafishing.com/

Episode 50: James Jean

James Jean, owner of Groundbreaking Multimedia, is an archery exhibition/trick shooter. James is an absolute hammer with his recurve, constantly pushing the limits of what’s possible with the bow and arrow. We talk about his shooting style, practice routines, upcoming adventures, and his current journey into life on the big screen. Be sure to follow James on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to see some of these wild shots he achieves!


Episode 49: Mark Harrison, Omnivore’s Quivers and Homestead

This week we interview Mark Harrison of Omnivore’s Quivers and Homestead. Mark and his wife Allison create custom quivers, tabs, and other leather goods. Mark is a hardcore traditional bowhunter that dabbles in a little bit of everything. We talk about bowhunting in Florida, Allison’s bone collection, homesteading, food/wild game preparation, and much more. Be sure to find Omnivore’s Quivers on Instagram and Facebook by searching for @omnivoresquivers and give them a follow. Also, check out their website to see what they have available for purchase! If you love what you hear, please leave us a review! Enjoy!

Episode 48: Curt Geier, Working Class Bowhunter

Aaron and Mike are joined by guest Curt Geier from the Working Class Bowhunter Podcast. Curt is a whitetail madman from midwest working stock. This guy is like most of us…working for a living and enjoying the outdoors with the limited amount of time he has. Though Curt is not a traditional bowhunter, he shares the passion of bowhunting, ethical hunting practices, and sets out to educate others by sharing his experiences. Be sure to give Curt, along with his crew (Eric Hamann, Doug Schmidt, and Stephen Moller), a follow on Instagram and Facebook by searching for @workingclassbowhunter. Enjoy!

Episode 47: Jim Neaves, Centaur Archery

Aaron gets the opportunity to talk bows, hunting, and traditional archery with guest Jim Neaves. Jim is an amazingly talented bowyer who specializes in longbows and supercurve style traditional bows at Centaur Archery. Jim lays out the whole story of how he got started and the special features of his bows that make them truly unique. Be sure to check out what Jim is doing on Facebook by searching for Centaur Archery, or on his website http://www.centaurarchery.com. Enjoy!

Episode 46: Dave Mead, Mead Archery

Dave Mead is a passionate bowyer, family man, and primitive bowhunter. We talk about his bows and the building process, which happen to be built with natural materials sourced only from grass, wood, and animals. Other topics covered are hunting, bow building workshops, fitness, and we also get some listener questions answered. To see more of Dave’s work, visit his website www.meadlongbows.com. You can also find Dave on Instagram and Facebook by searching for @meadlongbows. Enjoy!

Episode 45: Rick Spicer, Pac Rat Outdoor Center

Rick Spicer was able to join us for this week’s episode. Rick is an avid outdoorsman, wilderness skills practitioner, bowhunter, and teacher of outdoor skills. We talk all things bowhunting, gear, and dig into a few woodsmanship skills every hunter needs to know. Skills topics discussed in this episode are map work, navigation, and fire starting. We know you’ll love it. Expect to hear more from Rick in the near future. For more information on the Brewha Bushwhack visit www.brewhabushwhack.com. Links for references mentioned will be posted below. Enjoy!

Pac Rat Outdoor Center: https://packratoc.com/

Cal Topo Mapping: https://caltopo.com/

Episode 44: Hendrie Javier,

Kashtuk Bowcraft

Hendrie Javier of Kashtuk Bowcraft joined us this week to talk about primitive bow and arrow building, hunting in sunny Southern California, flintlocks and more! Please check out Hendrie’s bows, flintlocks, and other gear at www.kashtukbowcraft.com. You can also find Hendrie on Facebook and Instagram by searching for Kashtuk Bowcraft!

chad 2

Episode 38: Chad Holm’s Season Re-cap

Chad joins us this week to give us the details from his fall hunts. He found huge success in various states this fall. We talk Pronghorn Antelope, Bear, Deer, and bow/arrow set-ups. Listen closely for a chance to win a Holm-Made Traditional Longbow or Recurve. You can follow Chad on Facebook and Instagram by searching @chadholmholmmade. Thanks for listening; enjoy!




Episode 37: Joel and Isaac Miller

We catch up this week with the Miller brothers, Joel and Isaac.   Aaron was able to make the trip to do his first waterfowl hunt with them.  We talk about all sorts of things to include waterfowl, wildland firefighting, mountain life, and pack animals.  This was an awesome conversation to be part of!  If you like what you hear, please leave us a review on your favorite listening platform.  Enjoy!




Episode 36: Dave Hewitt,

Compton Traditional Bowhunters

Dave Hewitt, Vice President of Compton Traditional Bowhunters (CTB), joins us to talk bowhunting, community, and CTB.  Dave is a seasoned veteran in the traditional bowhunting world.  This episode also includes our Edge Take Down Recurve Bow giveaway so be sure to listen closely!  If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Compton Traditional Bowhunters, please visit them at www.comptontraditionalbowhunters.com.  Also, be sure to follow Dave and CTB on Facebook and Instagram.  Find them by searching for @comptontraditional.  Thanks to everyone for your support!




Episode 35: Virginia Deer Camp 2018

Aaron and Mike discuss hunting Virginia for the elusive mountain whitetail.  Aaron was also joined in his travels by Mike’s dad, Doug.  There was a lot of hunting done, stories being told, and general good times all around.  Don’t miss this recap!



Episode 34: Northern Traditions Podcast

This week we chat with Canadian traditional bowhunters Travis Bower and Adam Brennan from Northern Traditions Podcast.  We talk bows, bowhunting, guiding, dreams and goals, and everything in between.  Be sure to subscribe to these guys on your favorite listening platform and follow them on Facebook and Instagram!




Episode 33: Daniel Galhardo, Tenkara USA

This week we dabble outside of the archery community to talk about an effective Japanese fly fishing technique with Daniel Galhardo, visionary and founder of Tenkara USA.  Fishing is a great skill for anyone to have in the backcountry or out in the wild.  Not only is it entertaining and moral boosting, but it can provide sustenance as well.  We discuss these compact lightweight rods, proper techniques and applications, and the learning curve associated.  If you’re looking for a backpacking or backcountry rod, give this a listen and check out Tenkara USA on their website (www.tenkarausa.com) or on Instagram (@tenkarausa).




Episode 32: Jason Wesbrock

This week we talk bowhunting and traditional archery with Jason Wesbrock.  This guy is an absolute hammer.  You may know Jason from his time on film with Traditional Vision Quest, Masters of the Barebow.  Known for his advanced aiming methods, we dig into explanations and walk through several options for people looking to up their aming game.  If you haven’t watched the Masters of the Barebow series, we highly recommend it.  You can find the videos, along with more information at www.traditionalvisionquest.com.



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Episode 31: Adam White, Northern Broadheads

G’day mates!  We go international on this one and check in with Adam white, owner and visionary of Northern Broadheads, from the land down under.  Adam is a south pacific sportsman through and through.  We talk traditional archery, bowhunting, and of course broadheads.  Check them out at www.northernbroadheads.com and follow this amazing company on Facebook and Instagram.




Episode 30: Back Country Hunters and Anglers,

Daniel Farrar

Mike speaks with local Virginia resident Daniel Farrar, Board Member of the Capital Region’s Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (BHA) organization.  They talk about Daniels expectations of his upcoming season, which is also his first year in the woods with traditional archery equipment.  So if you’re new to the game, this is a good one for you.  They also discuss blue laws  and access in the Capital Region, Deer hunting, and many other outdoor topics.  You can follow your local BHA on facebook and instagram or by visiting their website, www.backcountryhunters.org.  Enjoy!




Episode 29: Idaho Elk Re-cap

After a 13 day trip clear across the country for a DIY public land elk hunt, there is much to discuss.  Aaron and Mike talk learning points, gear reviews, and experiences from the trip.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram by searching for @primitivepursuit.  If you love what you hear please leave us a review!  If you have any questions or would like additional information from Mike and Aaron, please reach out via email to info@primitivepursuit.com.  Enjoy!



Episode 28: Aaron’s Ontario Bear Hunt

After our short hiatus, we’re finally ready to report the news of Aaron’s 2018 black bear hunt in Ontario!  Aaron was able to have his dad tag along on the hunt.  They were able to enjoy baiting, bowhunting, and fishing together along with a great group of people.  All of this took place at Bear Creek Outfitters thanks to guide and fellow bowhunter Dusty Brodhagen.  Listen along as we reflect on this amazing hunt.  Please check us out on Facebook and Instagram by searching for @primitivepursuit!




Episode 27: Pre-Season Ramblin’

Tag along this week as Mike and Aaron cover pre-season expectations, strategies, gear, and do some general BS’ing about bowhunting.  As we post this, Aaron is in Ontario, Canada waiting for a black bear, and Mike is one week away from his first backcountry Elk hunt.  Please leave us a review on iTunes to qualify for your chance at winning one of our HAAS ultralight backpacking alcohol stoves.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook by searching for @primitivepursuit.  Enjoy!



This week Aaron and Mike chat with Correy Hawk, better known on social media as @organic_archer.  Correy shares some of his knowledge with us on the building, maintenance, tuning, and shooting styles on self/primitive bows.  Other topics we discuss are large and small game hunting, flint knapping, and fitness.  Please follow Correy on Instagram by searching for @organic_archer.  Also, if you want to keep up with Primitive Pursuit between episodes, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop!  Thanks for listening – enjoy!



Episode 25: Season Prep with Jim Dean

This week we brought Jim Dean of Jimmy Tarps back on to talk about preparations for the upcoming hunting season.  We talk about equipment/set-ups, scouting, rucking, and dig deep into backcountry meal prep.  If you’ve been considering doing your own meal prep and dehydrating for backpacking, backcountry hunting, or extended trips, this is a good one for you!   Check out what Jim has to offer by visiting their Facebook, Instagram, and Ebay page by searching @jimmy_tarps on each site or app.  Don’t forget to leave us a 5 star review – Enjoy!




Episode 24: Ron Rohrbaugh, LifeCycle Gear 

Ron Rohrbaugh, founder of LifeCycle Gear and author of “A Traditional Bowhunters Path”, along with Glendon Allwood of Hunt Domain Podcast, join us during the Eastern Traditional Archery Rendezvous (ETAR) to talk bowhunting, community, and conservation.  If you’re interested in the LifeCycle Gear products or would like to pick up a copy of Ron’s book, visit his website at yourlifecyclegear.com.  Also, be sure to check out the Hunt Domain Podcast; available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or on Glen’s website at www.hunt-domain.com.  Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram by searching for @primitivepursuit to see what we’re up to between episodes and don’t forget to leave a review!



donny cover 2

Episode 23: Donny Dust, Paleo Tracks

Follow along as we discuss and learn primitive and survival skills with our guest Donny Dust!  Donny, a Marine Veteran, runs the company Paleo Tracks.  He teaches survival, bushcraft, and primitive skills to his students around the United States.  Follow Donny on Instagram and Facebook by searching for @paleotracks.  Please leave us a 5 star review and excuse us for a few audio issues you may hear (shuffling and pops), but we promise – there is gold in this episode!  Enjoy!



Episode 22: What the Ruck?

Join us as we dive into what rucks/packs we’re using this year and what they’re stuffed with.  Expect several in depth reviews of gear we’re currently using for backcountry adventures, our expectations of these items, and suggestions for your upcoming season.  Feel free to email us at info@primitivepursuit.com with any questions you have!  Please leave us a 5 star review on your listening platform of choice!  Enjoy!



Episode 21: The Foraging Beard

In this weeks episode, we talk with Jared White.  Jared takes woodsmanship to another level; he is a hunter that loves gathering.  His knowledge of resources and wild edibles is something we strongly admire.  Our conversation dives into properly identifying wild edibles, local and networked resources throughout the foraging community, along with the risks, concerns, and rewards of foraging.  You can follow Jared on Instagram and Facebook by searching his handle, @theforagingbeard.  Please leave us a 5 star review on your listening platform of choice!  Enjoy!




Listener Q&A… Getting Started – PP020

This week we take some time to catch up with Chad Holm to see how things are at Holm-Made Traditional Bows and how his summer has been going.  We also answer some of the most common questions we are receiving from our amazing listeners about getting started in traditional bowhunting.  Specifically, how to do it on a budget and get yourself in the woods this upcoming season.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  If you have any questions about this week’s episode, feel free to email us at info@primitivepursuit.com and we will be happy to help you!  Don’t forget to leave a 5 star review!




Episode 19: Jim Eeckhout

This week we were fortunate enough to spend some time talking to Jim Eeckhout.  Jim is an accomplished traditional bowhunter and writer with a passion for backcountry do-it-yourself (DIY) hunts.  We talk bear hunting, DIY prep, gear, and the direction of the traditional community.  Jim is active on Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to follow him. Also, read up on his most recent article “All Part of the Plan” in Traditional Bowhunter Magazine, issue Aug/Sept 2018.  Enjoy!




Episode 18: Bob Smith, Big Stick Archery

Bob Smith of Big Stick Archery joined us for this weeks podcast.  We had an absolute blast talking about making bows, backcountry traditional bowhunting, gear, and even goats.  Known for his amazing longbows and humorous personality, Bob has made quite the name for himself.  Be sure to follow him on his website (http://www.bigstickarchery.com/), Instagram @bigstickarchery and on Facebook to keep up with the latest new from Big Stick Archery.  Enjoy!




Episode 17: Denny Sturgis, Traditional Vision Quest

This week we interview Denny Sturgis Jr. of Traditional Vision Quest (Masters of the Barebow).  Denny’s life as a traditional bowhunter has taken him all over the world.  We discuss traveling to hunt, shooting techniques, and the roots of Traditional Vision Quest.  You can find Denny and Traditional Vision Quest on Facebook and Instagram.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram; @primitivepursuit.  Lastly, don’t forget to leave us a written 5 Star review on iTunes to qualify for our $100 gift card drawing to 3 Rivers Archery on Episode 21!




Episode 16: Clay Hayes

Tune in for this week’s episode with guest Clay Hayes!  Clay is an avid bowyer, traditional bowhunter, and true outdoorsman.  We discuss self-bows and arrow making, foraging, hunting with pack goats,  and what Clay’s been up to recently.  Check him out on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to his Youtube channel.  Also, check out Clays website, www.twistedstave.com.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @primitivepursuit.  If you like what you hear, please leave us a 5 star written review to qualify for the  $100 3Rivers Archery Gift Card Giveaway!



Episode 15: Andy Ponce, Addictive Archery

Listen along as we interview Andy Ponce, owner and operator of Addictive Archery, during his trip to the Western States Traditional Rendezvous.  Andy is best known for his custom arrows that he makes in North Western Oregon.  Andy’s support and dedication to the traditional community is unwavering.  He is also an accomplished hunter, a family man, and an amazing storyteller.  You can find Addictive Archery on the web at www.addictivearchery.com.  Also, look for Andy on social media, both Facebook and Instagram, by searching for Addictive Archery.  Don’t forget to leave us a 5 star review!  Follow Primitive Pursuit on Instagram and Facebook!  Enjoy!



Episode 14: Jim Dean, Jimmy Tarps

Listen along as we talk backcountry hunting, camping, and food with this week’s guest, Jim Dean.  Jim is an accomplished bowhunter, backcountry adventurer, and owner of Jimmy Tarps.  He finds himself at home in the wild areas of Oregon chasing bulls with a traditional bow and has plenty to share with us all.  You can find Jimmy Tarps on Instagram and Facebook (@jimmy_tarps).  Be sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram by searching for @primitivepursuit or at our website, www.primitivepursuit.com.  If you love what you hear, let us know by leaving a 5 star review!  Enjoy!



Episode 13:  Turkeys and Trad-life with Drew Kohlhofer

Join us as we talk turkeys and tradlife with Drew Kohlhofer of Selway Archery!  Drew has been immersed in traditional archery and bowhunting throughout his life.  To see exactly what Selway Archery does, please visit their website at www.selwayarcheryproducts.com.  You can also follow Selway Archery on Instagram, @selway_archery, or on Facebook.  Please follow Primitive Pursuit on Instagram and on Facebook by searching for @primitivepursuit.  If you love what you hear,  please leave us a 5 star review!



Episode 12: Clay Newcomb, Bear Hunting Magazine

Join us as we interview Clay Newcomb, the 2018 Badland’s Film Festival “Short Film” winner for his film “Ursa De Terra.”  Clay is the owner of Bear Hunting Magazine where he is also a writer and publisher.  He is a highly reputable and accomplished traditional bowhunter who loves all things to do with bear hunting.  Be sure to visit Clay’s website www.claynewcombmedia.com to see some of his amazing photography.  You can find Clay and Bear Hunting Magazine on Instagram @clay_newcomb and @bearhuntingmag.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  Shoot us a message with any questions and please leave a 5 star review!



Episode 11: Jason Samkowiak

Join us as we talk bowfishing, traditional bowhunting culture, and some recent news in both the conservation and archery world with our amazing guest, Jason Samkowiak.  You may know Jason from his podcast, Traditional Bowhunting and Wilderness Podcast or from his Youtube channel.  If you don’t currently subscribe to them, we strongly suggest it!  You can find Jason on Instagram @jasonsamkowiak.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and check out our website, www.primitivepursuit.com, to keep up with the latest updates on guests and to see what we’re up to!  Please leave us a 5 star review and enjoy!




Episode 10: Randy Cooling

Grab a pen and paper because this one is noteworthy!  We were able to chat with Randy Cooling about traditional bowhunting and all things shooting.  You may know Randy from Masters of the Barebow by Traditional Vision quest.  You can find all of the Masters of the Barebow movies at 3Rivers Archery.  Be sure to follow Randy’s adventures afield!  You can find him on Instagram @randy_cooling.  Thanks for listening!  Don’t forget to subscribe and leave us a 5 star review!  You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, or on our website www.primitivepursuit.com.



Episode 09: Chad K. Slagle

Tune in and listen along as we interview writer, musician, and traditional bowhunter Chad K. Slagle!  Chad’s talents and abilities have taken him down quite a few amazing dusty roads.  We were fortunate enough to discuss a number of topics with Chad including primitive archery, music, tiny-house life in Colorado, and of course, traditional bowhunting.  You can find Chad on Instagram @chadk.slagle and his music on iTunes, Google Music, and others.  This episode was possible thanks to our partners at 3Rivers Archery Supply and at Holm-Made Traditional Bows.  Look for us on InstagramFacebook, or on our website!  Please leave us a 5 star review!




Episode 8 – Johnny Karch, 3Rivers Archery

Join us as we shoot the breeze with guest Johnny Karch of Three Rivers Archery Supply!  If you’ve ever searched for anything online in regards to traditional archery, you’ve most likely come across or visited their website.  Johnny and his family have done wonderful things for the traditional archery and bowhunting community by supplying those hard to get items with efficiency and wonderful customer service.  In addition to his accomplishments professionally, Johnny is an avid bowhunter enjoying gator, hog, whitetail, and turkey hunting.  We appreciate you listening!  Please let us a 5 star review!  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!





Episode 7 – Aron Snyder, Kifaru International

This week we had the pleasure of talking to the man who got Aron Cowhy into traditional bowhunting and traditional archery.  Aron Snyder is an accomplished bowhunter, gear connoisseur, and backpacker.  We discuss Aron’s experiences as a traditional bowhunter, some back country hunting, and shooting.  Be sure to check out Kifaru Cast and follow Aron on Instagram.  You can also find us on Instagram @primitivepursuit and on Facebook.  Please leave us a 5 star review!  Thank you for listening!




Episode 6 – Warren Womack, A Southern Legend

Join us this week as we interview the southern whitetail killing legend, Warren Womack.  Warren has been chasing down deer for the past 50 years in the Southern United States and shares a wealth of knowledge with us.  A few of the discussions we have and topics we discuss are scouting, locating food sources, bicycles for hunting, and the importance of physical conditioning.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!  Also, help us reach more amazing listeners like you buy leaving us a 5 star review on your listening platform of choice!  Enjoy!




Episode 5 – Chad Holm: An American Bowyer

In this weeks episode we interview Chad Holm of Holm-Made Traditional bows.  We discuss bow building, Chad’s life as an American bowyer, and traditional bowhunting.  You can visit chad at www.holmmadetraditionalbows.com, on Facebook, or on Instagram.  We appreciate you tuning in!  Visit us on Instagram or Facebook @primitivepursuit.  Please leave us a 5 star review on your listening platform of choice!





Episode 4 – Scout Your Heart Out

Join Aaron and I as we dive into late winter and early spring scouting tactics specific to Whitetail Deer.  We also cover our gear preparations for the 2018 season, our efforts of scouting from a distance for elk in Idaho, and some other fun that this time of year offers a traditional bowhunter.  We appreciate you listening!  Please leave us a 5 star review on your listening platform of choice!  Feed back is welcome!  Visit us on Facebook and Instagram!




Episode 03 – Brent Hahn, Valkyrie Archery

This week we interviewed Brent Hahn of Valkyrie Archery. Brent is a true Traditional Bowhunter with a passion of making the most effective arrows possible. His ideas, theories, and proven works have changed the game when it comes to both accuracy and lethality in the archery world. Follow along as we dive into the importance and practicality of Forward of Center (FOC) arrow weight, it’s effects on large game, and how the mastermind came up with it all. A link to connect with Brent will be located in our website (www.primitivepursuit.com). Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and please leave a 5 star review!




Episode 02 – Transition to Trad

In this episode we dive into Aaron’s transition to traditional archery and bowhunting.  We share our current setups, hurdles, and lessons learned.  If you’ve been considering picking up a traditional bow, or have recently switched over, this episode is for you!



PrimitivePursuit 14x14

Episode 01 – Introduction!

Join us as we introduce ourselves, our backgrounds, and the future plans for Primitive Pursuit!

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