Episode 65: Charles T. Lamb

This week Mike talks with Charles “Charlie” T. Lamb. Charlie is an author, traditional bowhunter, and Marine that served in the Vietnam War. This was a great conversation about bowhunting, writing, and life as a grunt. You can order Charlie’s book in the links below and find him on Facebook. Charlie is a great story teller and an amazing guy, so we know you’ll like this one. Enjoy, God speed, and Semper Fi.

A Bowhunters Tales: https://www.amazon.com/Bowhunters-Tales-Charles-T-Lamb/dp/1546544062

Charle T. Lamb Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BowhuntersTales/

Episode 64: Ray Fletcher, RiverBend Longbows


This week we talk with Ray Fletcher of RiverBend Longbows. Ray is an all out sportsman that dabbles in a little bit of everything, but has an absolute passion for hunting with his longbows. We talk about bowfishing, chasing game in Iowa, and of course…bows! Check out the links below if your interested or want to learn more about RiverBend Longbows. Enjoy!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/riverbendlongbows/?hl=en

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbir3zCp8TQ7_nzqvUyeANA

Website: http://riverbendlongbows.com/

Episode 63: Flyin’ Into the 2019 Season

This week the Primitive Pursuit crew gets caught up on what they’ve been up to, season preparations, tactics, and more. We’ve been waiting for months and season is finally here. We couldn’t be more excited! Be sure to give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook by searching for @primitivepursuit. Also, send us those awesome photos of you on your pursuit! Best of luck out there and enjoy the episode!

Episode 62: Billy Phillips, Traditional Falconry 

Ask and you shall receive… Chris and Mike talk Falconry with our amazing guest, Billy Phillips. We don’t think we could have found a better guy for this. Billy is a true steward of a dying breed of sportsman, the Falconer. If you’ve ever wondered what falconry all entails or simple just enjoy the outdoors or hunting, this episode is a MUST for you to listen to. Be sure to follow Billy on Instagram to keep up with his season and passion. Links are posted below for more information on Falconry. Enjoy!

THE RED TAIL HAWK, By Liam J. McGranaghan: https://www.mikesfalconry.com/The-Red-Tailed-Hawk-p/4003.htm

North American Falconry & Hunting Hawks – 9th Edition: https://www.mikesfalconry.com/North-American-Falconry-and-Hunting-Hawks-9th-Ed-p/4004.htm

Virginia Falconers’ Association: https://www.vafalconers.com/

American Falconry (Magazine): https://www.americanfalconry.com/

Episode 61: Jason Wojo, Tuffhead Broadheads

This week Chris and Mike talk with Jason Wojo of Tuffhead Broadheads. Jason is an avid bowhunter and craftsman who is determined to make the ultimate broadhead in penetration and lethality. We talk life, traditional bowhunting, broadheads, setups, the upcoming season, and more! If you’re interested in Tuffheads, visit the link below. As always, we hope you enjoy!

Tuffhead Broadheads: https://www.tuffhead.com/

Episode 60: Chris Sekol, ETAR 2019

Our good friend Chris Sekol joins us to talk about his last year and we review our time at the Eastern Traditional Archery Rendezvous. If you’ve never been, mark your calendars for next year! If you love what you hear, please leave us a 5 Star review! Also, be sure to look up Primitive Pursuit on YouTube to see some videos from the shoot!

Episode 58: Rumble in the Jungle 2019

This week Aaron and the bear hunting crew talk about their recent hunt in Idaho. Five guys, all with the stick and string, reminisce their mistakes, lessons learned, and their amazing successes. There are plenty of laughs and a ton of bear tips in here! Enjoy!


Episode 57: Organic Archery

This week Mike is joined by Correy Hawk of Organic Archery. We talk about building selfbows, arrow making, fitness, Correy’s upcoming plans, and bowhunting. Be sure to check out the links below to find out more about Correy and Organic Archery! If you’re looking to get into bow making, there is also a link for the Traditional Bowhunters Bible set posted below available from 3 Rivers Archery.

Organic Archery: https://www.organicarchery.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/organic_archer/?hl=en

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