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A Haversack Hiatus

Rucking up and heading into the wild unknown brings many memories to mind.  Some of them painful, others amazing. 

The Modern Hunter and Gatherer

To some of us, the hunter hasn’t changed much in the hundreds of thousands of years that have passed since it was an acceptable social title.  Waking up under a star-covered sky, grabbing the weapon that is an extension of ourselves, and heading off… Continue Reading “The Modern Hunter and Gatherer”

Up Close and Personal  (Part 3)

Most mornings, when I’m preparing to enter the woods, I probably resemble a guy that’s about to go on a date with that one girl – you know, the good looking one you’re buddy’s wife set you up with.  The amount of indecisive clothing… Continue Reading “Up Close and Personal  (Part 3)”

Up Close and Personal (Part 2)

When I first started hunting deer, around the age of 12, I could never understand how a deer could detect me.  It honestly wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I started to pay attention to the wind and practice my scent… Continue Reading “Up Close and Personal (Part 2)”

Up close and personal (Part 1)

Throughout my time in the woods and conversing with others who enjoyed the same past times, bragging rights typically revolved around several things… How far the shot was at an animal – the further the shot, the more impressive the harvest. How big the… Continue Reading “Up close and personal (Part 1)”

Here goes nothin’

Welcome to Primitive Pursuit.  Being this is the first article, I’m going to keep it short, sweet, and to the point.  I have been eyeing up this idea, the whole blog thing, for quite a while.  My dream was once to be an outdoor… Continue Reading “Here goes nothin’”

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