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Clay Newcomb, Spring Bear Tactics – PP053

This week Aaron talks with our good friend Clay Newcomb, president of Bear Hunting Magazine. Clay and Aaron discuss Clay’s spring bear hunt in Montana, future hunts, tactics, traditional bowhunting, and bear habitat. Follow Clay on Instagram and Facebook by searching for @claynewcomb. Clay… Continue Reading “Clay Newcomb, Spring Bear Tactics – PP053”

Vince Smith, Lonesome Wind Custom Bows – PP052

This week we are joined by Vince Smith of Lonesome Wind Custom Bows. Bowyer, hunter, traveler, and volunteer… He does it all. We discuss bow building, bowhunting, what Nebraska has to offer an outdoorsman, traveling to Africa, and many other topics. Be sure to… Continue Reading “Vince Smith, Lonesome Wind Custom Bows – PP052”

Mikhail Merkurieff – PP051

Mikhail Merkurieff is the found of MerkWares LLC, maker of the Emberlit Stove, various fire accessories, survival gear, and our much loved Cabuya fishing handlines. We talk about Selfbows, hunting, fishing, survival, bushcraft, and much more. Be sure to check out Mikhail’s full product… Continue Reading “Mikhail Merkurieff – PP051”

James Jean – PP050

James Jean, owner of Groundbreaking Multimedia, is an archery exhibition/trick shooter. James is an absolute hammer with his recurve, constantly pushing the limits of what’s possible with the bow and arrow. We talk about his shooting style, practice routines, upcoming adventures, and his current… Continue Reading “James Jean – PP050”

Mark Harrison, Omnivore’s Quivers and Homestead – PP049

This week we interview Mark Harrison of Omnivore’s Quivers and Homestead. Mark and his wife Allison create custom quivers, tabs, and other leather goods. Mark is a hardcore traditional bowhunter that dabbles in a little bit of everything. We talk about bowhunting in Florida,… Continue Reading “Mark Harrison, Omnivore’s Quivers and Homestead – PP049”

Curt Geier, Working Class Bowhunter – PP048

Aaron and Mike are joined by guest Curt Geier from the Working Class Bowhunter Podcast. Curt is a whitetail madman from midwest working stock. This guy is like most of us…working for a living and enjoying the outdoors with the limited amount of time… Continue Reading “Curt Geier, Working Class Bowhunter – PP048”

Jim Neaves, Centaur Archery – PP047

Aaron gets the opportunity to talk bows, hunting, and traditional archery with guest Jim Neaves. Jim is an amazingly talented bowyer who specializes in longbows and supercurve style traditional bows at Centaur Archery. Jim lays out the whole story of how he got started… Continue Reading “Jim Neaves, Centaur Archery – PP047”

Dave Mead, Mead Archery – PP046

Dave Mead is a passionate bowyer, family man, and primitive bowhunter. We talk about his bows and the building process, which happen to be built with natural materials sourced only from grass, wood, and animals. Other topics covered are hunting, bow building workshops, fitness,… Continue Reading “Dave Mead, Mead Archery – PP046”

Rick Spicer, Pac Rat Outdoor Center – PP045

Rick Spicer was able to join us for this week’s episode. Rick is an avid outdoorsman, wilderness skills practitioner, bowhunter, and teacher of outdoor skills. We talk all things bowhunting, gear, and dig into a few woodsmanship skills every hunter needs to know. Skills… Continue Reading “Rick Spicer, Pac Rat Outdoor Center – PP045”

Hendrie Javier, Kashtuk Bowcraft – PP044

Hendrie Javier of Kashtuk Bowcraft joined us this week to talk about primitive bow and arrow building, hunting in sunny Southern California, flintlocks and more! Please check out Hendrie’s bows, flintlocks, and other gear at You can also find Hendrie on Facebook and… Continue Reading “Hendrie Javier, Kashtuk Bowcraft – PP044”

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