Intro Episode – PP001

Join us as we introduce ourselves, our backgrounds, and the future plans for Primitive Pursuit!


The Holm-Made Experience

Sometime around Christmas a good friend of mine, Jay Baldino, and I started planning for an Idaho Elk hunt.  One of my biggest concerns about this hunt was taking my Hoyt Satori.  Though it is a great shooting bow, the idea of backpacking miles into Wilderness chasing down bull elk with an International Limb Fitting (ILF) bow had me feeling uneasy.  The whitetail woods have been fine for me with an ILF bow, having only a few issues with rattling, clicks, or loose screws and bolts.  Knowing that problems only get worse under harsher conditions, I had to make a quick decision in order to get myself ready for this brutal upcoming hunt. Read More

Looks Can’t Kill 

Let me set the scene for you…  It’s a miserably hot late summer day.  I walk into Cabelas, greeted by the smell of roasted cinnamon cashews mixed with the fragrance of new gear.  The air conditioning system hits me like a ton of bricks, immediately taking my mind off of the heat, and back to my purpose for the trip.  I’m on a mission – find fall hunting clothing.

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Recreating Pressure

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend the Traditional Bowhunters Expo.  While planning for this adventure, taking me from my home in Virginia and with a destination of Kalamazoo, Michigan, I was glassing over the flyer nearly every day.  I knew right away that I would be attending the expo, but was tossing around the idea of attending the 3D Shootout that was also taking place.  My fear of failure and potential rejection as a “reputable” hunter was holding me back from allow myself the opportunity.  I decided I would do it, but had no idea what I was in for.

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Judgement Call

Every year I hunt, a familiar voice enters my head.  It taunts me, asking questions and suggesting to do what may be right or wrong.  As the weary whitetail approaches, the voice gets a louder.  Each step the deer takes, striking a hoof to the ground, my mind slips into a deeper, more primitive place.  Read More

Married Seeking Large Game

One of our greatest motivators as hunters is the support and encouragement we receive from others.  Most hunters heading to the woods every early fall in search of meat for the freezer or a mount for the wall, typically have a very likewise situation at home.  In my own home, this support comes at a price.  Though this time of year is great for me, being able to head into the woods, for my wife it can be completely miserable.  My confession: I have been looking around… for a way to fill my freezer.

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Winter Scouting

It happens all too fast…  The leaf covered forest floors quickly start to settle, leaving the woods eerily quiet.  Streams tend to be covered with a thin layer of ice, almost as though they are about to disappear completely.  As for us bowhunters, every year hunting season comes and goes, leaving us in the dumps, missing the pursuit.  Many of us change gears this time of year, taking up indoor archery, but there is still a place for us in the woods.  Though we can no longer add large game to the freezer, the best planning for next year, is right now. Read More

Late season

Rutting whitetail’s are simply amazing.  The ability to call in a buck, and harvest him within 20 yards, is an awesomely testosterone charged event.  When those levels of testosterone come back down, following the winding down of estrusing does, we find ourselves in late season.  Rifle season has either passed or is ongoing, depending on the state in which you live.  Hunting pressure on these animals has educated them enough to compete on the local debate team, and right when one comes within 40 yards, someone else’s gun shot spooks them away.  Ah, late season.  How I hate you so.  But… I still love you.

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A Haversack Hiatus

Rucking up and heading into the wild unknown brings many memories to mind.  Some of them painful, others amazing.  Read More

The Modern Hunter and Gatherer

To some of us, the hunter hasn’t changed much in the hundreds of thousands of years that have passed since it was an acceptable social title.  Waking up under a star-covered sky, grabbing the weapon that is an extension of ourselves, and heading off in the woods in order to feed our family, is our priority.   We rough out the weather, terrain, and mental frustration of bagging game in order to provide.  There are many of us who experience a lifestyle such as this much like our ancestors did ages ago.

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