Jason Samkowiak – PP011

Join us as we talk bowfishing, traditional bowhunting culture, and some recent news in both the conservation and archery world with our amazing guest, Jason Samkowiak.  You may know Jason from his podcast, Traditional Bowhunting and Wilderness Podcast or from his Youtube channel.  If you don’t currently subscribe to them, we strongly suggest it!  You can find Jason on Instagram @jasonsamkowiak.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and check out our website, www.primitivepursuit.com, to keep up with the latest updates on guests and to see what we’re up to!  Please leave us a 5 star review and enjoy!

Randy Cooling – PP010

Grab a pen and paper because this one is noteworthy!  We were able to chat with Randy Cooling about traditional bowhunting and all things shooting.  You may know Randy from Masters of the Barebow by Traditional Vision quest.  You can find all of the Masters of the Barebow movies at 3Rivers Archery.  Be sure to follow Randy’s adventures afield!  You can find him on Instagram @randy_cooling.  Thanks for listening!  Don’t forget to subscribe and leave us a 5 star review!  You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, or on our website www.primitivepursuit.com.

Chad K. Slagle – PP009

Tune in and listen along as we interview writer, musician, and traditional bowhunter Chad K. Slagle!  Chad’s talents and abilities have taken him down quite a few amazing dusty roads.  We were fortunate enough to discuss a number of topics with Chad including primitive archery, music, tiny-house life in Colorado, and of course, traditional bowhunting.  You can find Chad on Instagram @chadk.slagle and his music on iTunes, Google Music, and others.  This episode was possible thanks to our partners at 3Rivers Archery Supply and at Holm-Made Traditional Bows.  Look for us on InstagramFacebook, or on our website!  Please leave us a 5 star review!

Johnny Karch, 3Rivers Archery – PP008

Join us as we shoot the breeze with guest Johnny Karch of Three Rivers Archery Supply!  If you’ve ever searched for anything online in regards to traditional archery, you’ve most likely come across or visited their website.  Johnny and his family have done wonderful things for the traditional archery and bowhunting community by supplying those hard to get items with efficiency and wonderful customer service.  In addition to his accomplishments professionally, Johnny is an avid bowhunter enjoying gator, hog, whitetail, and turkey hunting.  We appreciate you listening!  Please let us a 5 star review!  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

Aron Snyder, Kifaru International – PP007

This week we had the pleasure of talking to the man who got Aron Cowhy into traditional bowhunting and traditional archery.  Aron Snyder is an accomplished bowhunter, gear connoisseur, and backpacker.  We discuss Aron’s experiences as a traditional bowhunter, some back country hunting, and shooting.  Be sure to check out Kifaru Cast and follow Aron on Instagram.  You can also find us on Instagram @primitivepursuit and on Facebook.  Please leave us a 5 star review!  Thank you for listening!

Warren Womack: A Southern Legend – PP006

Join us this week as we interview the southern whitetail killing legend, Warren Womack.  Warren has been chasing down deer for the past 50 years in the Southern United States and shares a wealth of knowledge with us.  A few of the discussions we have and topics we discuss are scouting, locating food sources, bicycles for hunting, and the importance of physical conditioning.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!  Also, help us reach more amazing listeners like you buy leaving us a 5 star review on your listening platform of choice!  Enjoy!

Chad Holm: An American Bowyer – PP005

In this weeks episode we interview Chad Holm of Holm-Made Traditional bows.  We discuss bow building, Chad’s life as an American bowyer, and traditional bowhunting.  You can visit chad at www.holmmadetraditionalbows.com, on Facebook, or on Instagram.  We appreciate you tuning in!  Visit us on Instagram or Facebook @primitivepursuit.  Please leave us a 5 star review on your listening platform of choice!

Scout Your Heart Out – PP004

Join Aaron and I as we dive into late winter and early spring scouting tactics specific to Whitetail Deer.  We also cover our gear preparations for the 2018 season, our efforts of scouting from a distance for elk in Idaho, and some other fun that this time of year offers a traditional bowhunter.  We appreciate you listening!  Please leave us a 5 star review on your listening platform of choice!  Feed back is welcome! Visit us on Facebook, Instagram, or at http://www.primitivepursuit.com!

Brent Hahn, Valkyrie Archery – PP003

This week we interviewed Brent Hahn of Valkyrie Archery.  Brent is a true Traditional Bowhunter with a passion of making the most effective arrows possible.  His ideas, theories, and proven works have changed the game when it comes to both accuracy and lethality in the archery world.  Follow along as we dive into the importance and practicality of Forward of Center (FOC) arrow weight, it’s effects on large game, and how the mastermind came up with it all.  A link to connect with Brent will be located in our website (www.primitivepursuit.com).  Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and please leave a 5 star review!


Transition to Trad – PP002

In this episode we dive into Aaron’s transition to traditional archery and bowhunting.  We share our current setups, hurdles, and lessons learned.  If you’ve been considering picking up a traditional bow, or have recently switched over, this episode is for you!

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