Jim Eeckhout – PP019

This week we were fortunate enough to spend some time talking to Jim Eeckhout.  Jim is an accomplished traditional bowhunter and writer with a passion for backcountry do-it-yourself (DIY) hunts.  We talk bear hunting, DIY prep, gear, and the direction of the traditional community.  Jim is active on Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to follow him. Also, read up on his most recent article “All Part of the Plan” in Traditional Bowhunter Magazine, issue Aug/Sept 2018.  Enjoy!

Bob Smith, Big Stick Archery – PP018

Bob Smith of Big Stick Archery joined us for this weeks podcast.  We had an absolute blast talking about making bows, backcountry traditional bowhunting, gear, and even goats.  Known for his amazing longbows and humorous personality, Bob has made quite the name for himself.  Be sure to follow him on his website (http://www.bigstickarchery.com/), Instagram @bigstickarchery and on Facebook to keep up with the latest new from Big Stick Archery.  Enjoy!

Denny Sturgis, Traditional Vision Quest – PP017

This week we interview Denny Sturgis Jr. of Traditional Vision Quest (Masters of the Barebow).  Denny’s life as a traditional bowhunter has taken him all over the world.  We discuss traveling to hunt, shooting techniques, and the roots of Traditional Vision Quest.  You can find Denny and Traditional Vision Quest on Facebook and Instagram.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram; @primitivepursuit.  Lastly, don’t forget to leave us a written 5 Star review on iTunes to qualify for our $100 gift card drawing to 3 Rivers Archery on Episode 21!

Clay Hayes – PP016

Tune in for this week’s episode with guest Clay Hayes!  Clay is an avid bowyer, traditional bowhunter, and true outdoorsman.  We discuss self-bows and arrow making, foraging, hunting with pack goats,  and what Clay’s been up to recently.  Check him out on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to his Youtube channel.  Also, check out Clays website, http://www.twistedstave.com.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @primitivepursuit.  If you like what you hear, please leave us a 5 star written review to qualify for the  $100 3Rivers Archery Gift Card Giveaway!

Andy Ponce, Addictive Archery – PP015

Listen along as we interview Andy Ponce, owner and operator of Addictive Archery, during his trip to the Western States Traditional Rendezvous.  Andy is best known for his custom arrows that he makes in North Western Oregon.  Andy’s support and dedication to the traditional community is unwavering.  He is also an accomplished hunter, a family man, and an amazing storyteller.  You can find Addictive Archery on the web at www.addictivearchery.com.  Also, look for Andy on social media, both Facebook and Instagram, by searching for Addictive Archery.  Don’t forget to leave us a 5 star review!  Follow Primitive Pursuit on Instagram and Facebook!  Enjoy!

Jim Dean, Jimmy Tarps – PP014

Listen along as we talk backcountry hunting, camping, and food with this week’s guest, Jim Dean.  Jim is an accomplished bowhunter, backcountry adventurer, and owner of Jimmy Tarps.  He finds himself at home in the wild areas of Oregon chasing bulls with a traditional bow and has plenty to share with us all.  You can find Jim and Jimmy Tarps on Instagram and Facebook (@jimmy_tarps).  Be sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram by searching for @primitivepursuit or at our website, www.primitivepursuit.com.  If you love what you hear, let us know by leaving a 5 star review!  Enjoy!

Turkeys and Trad-life with Drew Kohlhofer – PP013

Join us as we talk turkeys and tradlife with Drew Kohlhofer of Selway Archery!  Drew has been immersed in traditional archery and bowhunting throughout his life.  To see exactly what Selway Archery does, please visit their website at www.selwayarcheryproducts.com.  You can also follow Selway Archery on Instagram, @selway_archery, or on Facebook.  Please follow Primitive Pursuit on Instagram and on Facebook by searching for @primitivepursuit.  If you love what you hear,  please leave us a 5 star review!

Clay Newcomb, Bear Hunting Magazine – PP012

Join us as we interview Clay Newcomb, the 2018 Badland’s Film Festival “Short Film” winner for his film “Ursa De Terra.”  Clay is the owner of Bear Hunting Magazine where he is also a writer and publisher.  He is a highly reputable and accomplished traditional bowhunter who loves all things to do with bear hunting.  Be sure to visit Clay’s website www.claynewcombmedia.com to see some of his amazing photography.  You can find Clay and Bear Hunting Magazine on Instagram @clay_newcomb and @bearhuntingmag.  Follow Primitive Pursuit on Instagram and Facebook.  Shoot us a message with any questions and please leave a 5 star review!

Jason Samkowiak – PP011

Join us as we talk bowfishing, traditional bowhunting culture, and some recent news in both the conservation and archery world with our amazing guest, Jason Samkowiak.  You may know Jason from his podcast, Traditional Bowhunting and Wilderness Podcast or from his Youtube channel.  If you don’t currently subscribe to them, we strongly suggest it!  You can find Jason on Instagram @jasonsamkowiak.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and check out our website, www.primitivepursuit.com, to keep up with the latest updates on guests and to see what we’re up to!  Please leave us a 5 star review and enjoy!

Randy Cooling – PP010

Grab a pen and paper because this one is noteworthy!  We were able to chat with Randy Cooling about traditional bowhunting and all things shooting.  You may know Randy from Masters of the Barebow by Traditional Vision quest.  You can find all of the Masters of the Barebow movies at 3Rivers Archery.  Be sure to follow Randy’s adventures afield!  You can find him on Instagram @randy_cooling.  Thanks for listening!  Don’t forget to subscribe and leave us a 5 star review!  You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, or on our website www.primitivepursuit.com.

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