Pre-Season Ramblin’ – PP027

Tag along this week as Mike and Aaron cover pre-season expectations, strategies, gear, and do some general BS’ing about bowhunting.  As we post this, Aaron is in Ontario, Canada waiting for a black bear, and Mike is one week away from his first backcountry Elk hunt.  Please leave us a review on iTunes to qualify for your chance at winning one of our HAAS ultralight backpacking alcohol stoves.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook by searching for @primitivepursuit.  Enjoy!

Correy Hawk, The Organic Archer – PP026


This week Aaron and Mike chat with Correy Hawk, better known on social media as @organic_archer.  Correy shares some of his knowledge with us on the building, maintenance, tuning, and shooting styles on self/primitive bows.  Other topics we discuss are large and small game hunting, flint knapping, and fitness.  Please follow Correy on Instagram by searching for @organic_archer.  Also, if you want to keep up with Primitive Pursuit between episodes, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop!  Thanks for listening – enjoy!

Season Prep with Jim Dean (Jimmy Tarps) – PP025

This week we brought Jim Dean of Jimmy Tarps back on to talk about preparations for the upcoming hunting season.  We talk about equipment/set-ups, scouting, rucking, and dig deep into backcountry meal prep.  If you’ve been considering doing your own meal prep and dehydrating for backpacking, backcountry hunting, or extended trips, this is a good one for you!   Check out what Jim has to offer by visiting their Facebook, Instagram, and Ebay page by searching @jimmy_tarps on each site or app.  Don’t forget to leave us a 5 star review – Enjoy!

Ron Rohrbaugh, LifeCycle Gear – PP024

Ron Rohrbaugh, founder of LifeCycle Gear and author of “A Traditional Bowhunters Path”, along with Glendon Allwood of Hunt Domain Podcast, join us during the Eastern Traditional Archery Rendezvous (ETAR) to talk bowhunting, community, and conservation.  If you’re interested in the LifeCycle Gear products or would like to pick up a copy of Ron’s book, visit his website at  Also, be sure to check out the Hunt Domain Podcast; available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or on Glen’s website at  Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram by searching for @primitivepursuit to see what we’re up to between episodes and don’t forget to leave a review!

Donny Dust, Paleo Tracks – PP023

Follow along as we discuss and learn primitive and survival skills with our guest Donny Dust!  Donny, a Marine Veteran, runs the company Paleo Tracks.  He teaches survival, bushcraft, and primitive skills to his students around the United States.  Follow Donny on Instagram and Facebook by searching for @paleotracks.  Please leave us a 5 star review and excuse us for a few audio issues you may hear (shuffling and pops), but we promise – there is gold in this episode!  Enjoy!

What the Ruck? – PP022

Join us as we dive into what rucks/packs we’re using this year and what they’re stuffed with.  Expect several in depth reviews of gear we’re currently using for backcountry adventures, our expectations of these items, and suggestions for your upcoming season.  Feel free to email us at with any questions you have!  Please leave us a 5 star review on your listening platform of choice!  Enjoy!

Jared White, The Foraging Beard – PP021

In this weeks episode, we talk with Jared White.  Jared takes woodsmanship to another level; he is a hunter that loves gathering.  His knowledge of resources and wild edibles is something we strongly admire.  Our conversation dives into properly identifying wild edibles, local and networked resources throughout the foraging community, along with the risks, concerns, and rewards of foraging.  You can follow Jared on Instagram and Facebook by searching his handle, @theforagingbeard.  Please leave us a 5 star review on your listening platform of choice!  Enjoy!

Listener Q&A… Getting Started – PP020

This week we take some time to catch up with Chad Holm to see how things are at Holm-Made Traditional Bows and how his summer has been going.  We also answer some of the most common questions we are receiving from our amazing listeners about getting started in traditional bowhunting.  Specifically, how to do it on a budget and get yourself in the woods this upcoming season.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  If you have any questions about this week’s episode, feel free to email us at and we will be happy to help you!  Don’t forget to leave a 5 star review!

Jim Eeckhout – PP019

This week we were fortunate enough to spend some time talking to Jim Eeckhout.  Jim is an accomplished traditional bowhunter and writer with a passion for backcountry do-it-yourself (DIY) hunts.  We talk bear hunting, DIY prep, gear, and the direction of the traditional community.  Jim is active on Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to follow him. Also, read up on his most recent article “All Part of the Plan” in Traditional Bowhunter Magazine, issue Aug/Sept 2018.  Enjoy!

Bob Smith, Big Stick Archery – PP018

Bob Smith of Big Stick Archery joined us for this weeks podcast.  We had an absolute blast talking about making bows, backcountry traditional bowhunting, gear, and even goats.  Known for his amazing longbows and humorous personality, Bob has made quite the name for himself.  Be sure to follow him on his website (, Instagram @bigstickarchery and on Facebook to keep up with the latest new from Big Stick Archery.  Enjoy!

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