Dave Brinker – PP041

Aaron was lucky enough to be joined by Dave Brinker for this week’s episode! You may know Dave for his music and his work with Sitka Gear. Listen in as we discuss Daves life in both traditional and modern bowhunting, his passion for music, and his future plans. Pick up Dave’s latest album, Made Out West, available on iTunes. Give Dave a follow on Instagram by searching for @davebrinker_. Enjoy!

Donny Dust, Scavenger – PP040

It was great to catch up with Donny Dust to see what he’s been up to! After a break from social media since August of 2017, Donny has been doing lots of amazing things. Earthroaming, hunting and fishing, film life, and he even released his first book! We discuss all of this and more. Please follow Donny on Instagram and Facebook. Also, pick up a new copy of his book, Scavenger by clicking HERE. Enjoy!

Billy Hoffman, Making Things Simple the Hard Way – PP039

This week we were fortunate enough to finally catch up with author and comedian Billy Hoffman (W.C. Hoffman). Billy was a huge help in getting Primitive Pursuit off the ground. You may know him from his book series “Twins of Prey”. Billy is a man of many talents, and we are extremely appreciative to have had some of his time. Listen along as we discuss the struggle between modern and traditional archery tackle, and all of the amazing things that Billy has accomplished. Be sure to check out his books at www.wchoffman.com. As always, if you love what you hear, please leave us a review!

Chad Holm’s Season Re-cap – PP038

Chad joins us this week to give us the details from his fall hunts. He found huge success in various states this fall. We talk Pronghorn Antelope, Bear, Deer, and bow/arrow set-ups. Listen closely for a chance to win a Holm-Made Traditional Longbow or Recurve. You can follow Chad on Facebook and Instagram by searching @chadholmholmmade. Thanks for listening; enjoy!

Joel and Isaac Miller – PP037

We catch up this week with the Miller brothers, Joel and Isaac.   Aaron was able to make the trip to do his first waterfowl hunt with them.  We talk about all sorts of things to include waterfowl, wildland firefighting, mountain life, and pack animals.  This was an awesome conversation to be part of!  If you like what you hear, please leave us a review on your favorite listening platform.  Enjoy!  

Dave Hewitt, Compton Traditional Bowhunters – PP036

Dave Hewitt, Vice President of Compton Traditional Bowhunters (CTB), joins us to talk bowhunting, community, and CTB.  Dave is a seasoned veteran in the traditional bowhunting world.  This episode also includes our Edge Take Down Recurve Bow giveaway so be sure to listen closely!  If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Compton Traditional Bowhunters, please visit them at www.comptontraditionalbowhunters.com.  Also, be sure to follow Dave and CTB on Facebook and Instagram.  Find them by searching for @comptontraditional.  Thanks to everyone for your support!

Virginia Deer Camp 2018 – PP035

Aaron and Mike discuss hunting Virginia for the elusive mountain whitetail.  Aaron was also joined in his travels by Mike’s dad, Doug.  There was a lot of hunting done, stories being told, and general good times all around.  Don’t miss this recap!

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Northern Traditions Podcast – PP034

This week we chat with Canadian traditional bowhunters Travis Bower and Adam Brennan from Northern Traditions Podcast.  We talk bows, bowhunting, guiding, dreams and goals, and everything in between.  Be sure to subscribe to these guys on your favorite listening platform and follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

Daniel Galhardo, Tenkara USA – PP033

This week we dabble outside of the archery community to talk about an effective Japanese fly fishing technique with Daniel Galhardo, visionary and founder of Tenkara USA.  Fishing is a great skill for anyone to have in the backcountry or out in the wild.  Not only is it entertaining and moral boosting, but it can provide sustenance as well.  We discuss these compact lightweight rods, proper techniques and applications, and the learning curve associated.  If you’re looking for a backpacking or backcountry rod, give this a listen and check out Tenkara USA on their website (www.tenkarausa.com) or on Instagram (@tenkarausa).

Jason Wesbrock – PP032

This week we talk bowhunting and traditional archery with Jason Wesbrock.  This guy is an absolute hammer.  You may know Jason from his time on film with Traditional Vision Quest, Masters of the Barebow.  Known for his advanced aiming methods, we dig into explanations and walk through several options for people looking to up their aming game.  If you haven’t watched the Masters of the Barebow series, we highly recommend it.  You can find the videos, along with more information at www.traditionalvisionquest.com.

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