Back at it! – PP076

We missed you all terribly! This week Chris and Mike get caught back up from March. We’re extremely happy to be back at it! We discuss bowhunting, muzzleloading, falconry, bear hunting, and more. Please be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook by searching for @primitivepursuit! Enjoy!

William (Billy) Phillips, Falconry Pt. 2 – PP075

In this episode, Billy gets caught up with Mike about life, the recent Virginia Falconers’ meet-ups, getting started in falconry. bowhunting, turkey hunting, flint knapping, and more! This episode was recorded from Mike’s dinning room table, so you may have to excuse the occasional dog bark and household sound… This was a great time to catch up though and to get more information out to all of you! Be sure to follow Billy via the links below! Enjoy!


Virginia Falconers’ Association:

Darren Haverstick Part 2 – pp074

Chris and Mike get caught up with Darren Haverstick for this part 2 episode. If you haven’t listened to the first one with Darren you definitely should! We talk bowhunting, muzzleloading, turkeys, sniping squirrels, and much more! Darren is quickly becoming our “Backwoods Flintlock Dude” here at Primitive Pursuit. Enjoy!

David Darling, Kalamazoo Bow Works – PP073

Dave Darling, The Kilted Bowyer, and founder of Kalamazoo Bow Works joins Aaron and Chris to talk hunting, building bows, and much more! You may remember Dave from his amazing contribution to the 2019 “Supporting Our Tribe” fundraiser. Dave is a United States Air Force Veteran, paramedic, family man, entrepreneur, all around genuine dude, and serious bow hunter. Check out the links below to see his work and be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram! Enjoy!

Kalamazoo Bow Works:



Smoke Poles and Stickbows with Darren Haverstick – PP072

In this episode, Chris and Mike are joined by Darren Haverstick. Darren is an accomplished traditional bowhunter and traditional muzzleloading hunter. We talk smoke poles, stickbows, and the outdoors as Darren walks us through some amazing stories. We also shoot the bull a little, as usual! Look for Darren on Facebook and be sure to join some of the many great flintlock groups on facebook as well. Enjoy!

Ethan Yazel, National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association – PP071

We’re Back! In this week’s episode, Chris and Mike talk to Ethan Yazel, the media manager for the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. We’re extremely excited to be working with Ethan. He dives into his life, growing up with the NMLRA, and all of the details about the organization. As per usual, we found a couple rabbit holes but we tried our best to keep it on the tracks. Make sure you visit the links below to become an NMLRA member and to tune into the Muzzle Blasts Podcast!


Muzzle Blasts Podcast:



Mark Harrison on Self Filming and things… and stuff – PP070

This week Chris and Mike are joined by Mark Harrison of Omnivore’s Homestead and Quivers. We talk mainly about self-filming hunts, including the gear, tactics, and methods of editing. If you’ve been considering filming your hunts, this is a must listen. We also dive into the usual rabbit holes which was a blast. Other topics discussed are Mark’s hunting season/upcoming plans, his body and poses on social media, mummification of critters, and much more! To see what’s available at Omnivore’s Homestead and Quivers, be sure to follow the links below. Enjoy!

Website & Store:




Catching Up: Johnny Karch of 3Rivers Archery – PP069

Just in time for your holiday travels, Johnny Karch from 3Rivers Archery joined Chris and Mike for some catching up. He’s been busy and has had a very successful season with more to come! We talk about his 2019 season, upcoming hunts, what’s new at 3Rivers, and more! Be sure to get in on the Black Friday special for free shipping on orders of $49 or more to the lower 48 through the link below! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy!





Them Boys From New York, Al Fagan & Al VonGunden – PP068

We met “Them New York Boys” at the Eastern Traditional Archery Rendezvous in 2018. We’ve kept in touch ever since. Al VonGunden and Al Fagan are amazing guys, hardcore bowhunters, and buddies to the end. They also make us look like total novices on the 3D range! We had a great time catching up with them and can’t wait to see them in 2020. Be sure to follow them in Instagram by following the links below. Enjoy!

Al Fagan –

Al VonGunden –

All Out Flintlocks with Justin Burk – PP067

This week we’re joined by Justin Burk to talk all things Flintlock. Justin is a champion shooter and accomplished hunter with these fascinating rifles and smoothbores. We cover all the basics of loading, tuning, shooting, and hunting with these primitive longrifles. To follow Justin and find more information on traditional muzzleloading be sure to follow the links below. There’s a ton of great info on here so grab something to write with, sit back, and don’t flinch!

Justin Burk Instagram:

National Muzzleloading Rifle Association:

Track of the Wolf (Supplies):

The Possible Shop (Supplies):

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