Catching Up With Travis Stiles – PP084

Join us as we spend an evening getting to know Travis Stiles and learn more about his custom knife business. As always we get into the thick of it, talking knives, talking bowhunting, and we even get an update from Aaron at bear camp. It’s a great episode and we had a lot of fun talking with Travis but unfortunately we had some audio issues and even dropped Mike a few times. Still, it was a blast and we hope you enjoy!

An Evening With Tory Utt of Sacred Bear Knives – PP083

Join us as we spend an evening getting to know Tory Utt, owner over Sacred Bear Knives.  Tory gives us an in-depth view of Sacred Bear, how it started, and everything that lead Tory down the path to become a professional knife maker.  We both learned a lot and hope you do to.  Kick back, crack a beverage, and enjoy!

BS’n With Shad, Tubby, and Dave – PP082

In this episode we catch up with John “Tubby” Lance, Shad Vanatti, and Dave Darling and it doesn’t disappoint. From Michigan doe tag changes to air bows we get in depth and of course hit a few worm holes along the way. As always we had a blast and hope you do, too! Enjoy episode 82 with some solid guys we’re lucky enough to call friends.

The Kilted Bowyer, Dave Darling of Kalamazoo Bow Works – PP081

In this episode we catch up with our good friend and new partner Dave Darling of Kalamazoo Bow Works. We get up to speed with Dave and hear about his hunting season, bows he’s been working (including one for Mike), and what Dave has been up to with the Michigan Traditional Bowhunters. It’s a great episode and always a good time when we get to catch up with Dave. Enjoy!

Schafer Magnant Of Green Mountain Tradcast – PP080

This episode is an absolute marathon! In our intro we get to catch up with A-Aron and find out where he’s been hiding and what he’s been up to. Then we dive into the weeds with Vermonts finest, Schafer Magnant. Our conversation goes down a lot of rabbit holes and may even get controversial yet its’s all in good fun. This one was a blast recording and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Talkin’ Zipper Bows With Tom Jenkins – PP079

This week Mike and Chris are joined by Tom Jenkins, owner and bowyer of Zipper Bows. Hang out with us as we talk hunting, tree saddles, Toms many accomplishments in the field and how he retired from a successful marketing career to take over Zipper! We also get into the details of a build Tom is currently working on for Mike. It’s was an absolute blast to catch up with Tom and we know you’ll enjoy it!

Kris “Makoa” Johnston – PP078

This week Mike and Chris spend the evening getting to know Kris “Makoa” Johnston! Kris is a hunter, performer, owner of The Longbow Shop and a championship archer that resisdes in the great state of Texas. This was a great conversation covering hunting, her career as a competitive longbow archer, her passion of sharing archery with others and The Longbow Shop which she owns along with her husband. Enjoy!

Catchin’ up with the Al’s – pp077

We’re joined by the Al’s for the first episode of the New Year as we get back on the road. In this episode we discuss our hunting seasons, new things in life, Baby VonGunden, and our plans for the upcoming year. Be sure to check them out on Instagram and Facebook!

Back at it! – PP076

We missed you all terribly! This week Chris and Mike get caught back up from March. We’re extremely happy to be back at it! We discuss bowhunting, muzzleloading, falconry, bear hunting, and more. Please be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook by searching for @primitivepursuit! Enjoy!

William (Billy) Phillips, Falconry Pt. 2 – PP075

In this episode, Billy gets caught up with Mike about life, the recent Virginia Falconers’ meet-ups, getting started in falconry. bowhunting, turkey hunting, flint knapping, and more! This episode was recorded from Mike’s dinning room table, so you may have to excuse the occasional dog bark and household sound… This was a great time to catch up though and to get more information out to all of you! Be sure to follow Billy via the links below! Enjoy!


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