Primitive Pursuit was founded in 2017 to be an outlet for learning experiences as a traditional bowhunter.  The truth is, someday’s it will throw you to the wolves.  However, when the gap is closed and you’re finally able to take your shot, it’s all worth it.  Everything comes together.  Though we’re relatively new to the game, we feel it is our duty to help those that may go through similar successes and failures.  We truly believe traditional bowhunter’s are among the best hunters in the world.

Primitive Pursuit started off as a blog, and has since moved to a traditional bowhunting podcast as well.  The podcast will be our ultimate way to achieve the vision of Primitive Pursuit.  Our vision is to get youth into traditional bowhunting.  We plan on doing this through several camps and seminars throughout the year.  It is currently our goal to have these camps up and running by the summer of 2019.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or would just like to talk bowhunting, please contact us though the “contact” page.  We look forward to getting more and more information out to all of you!

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