Bob Mayo, Ace Archery Tackle – PP066

This week we were joined by one of the nicest guys out there, Bob Mayo of Ace Archery Tackle. Bob is an avid outdoorsman, Vietnam veteran, and traditional bowhunter with a past that runs deep in the traditional archery lifestyle. We talk about Bob’s life growing up, the history of Ace, bowhunting, and of course we nerd out on broadheads. If you’re interested in buying some broadheads, points, or gear from Ace Archery Tackle be sure to listen closely and follow the links below at checkout for free shipping to the US lower 48 until November 6th, 2019. Enjoy!

Ace Website:

Ace Phone: (815) 692-6263

4 Comments on “Bob Mayo, Ace Archery Tackle – PP066

  1. Mike,

    Which Ace broad head and weight do you shoot on your wood arrows? And, do you use woody weights, footers or collars to add additional weight up front?

    Lastly, what type/brand of wood shafts do you use to push it?

    • Hey Lawrence! Great question. We use different weights to adjust for different spines and tuning. I currently shoot 160 grain standards on my 85-90 spine for my longbow (65# @ 31.5″). On my recurve (75#@31.5″) I have the 190 grain super express glued onto a 95-100spine Douglas Fir Surewood shaft. You can make just about any “recipe” with the weights Bob has available. If you need some help getting set up, shoot us an email on the contact page with your phone number and we will reach out!

  2. It is interesting that on both bows your spines are 20 plus pounds higher than your bows. I wonder if that is due to the heavier broad heads needing a little stronger arrow.

    I had a test kit come in this week for bare shaft Gold Tip Carbons that I will pull out of the box Saturday. I think I will order a few Douglas Fur Shafts tomorrow to kick the tire on.


    • It has a lot to do with the efficiency of draw along with desired mass weight. Point weight is usually an after thought and I will paper tune to find the right one. Generally on wood arrows, higher spine will have more dense fibers creating the heavy weight.

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