Charles T. Lamb – PP065

This week Mike talks with Charles “Charlie” T. Lamb. Charlie is an author, traditional bowhunter, and Marine that served in the Vietnam War. This was a great conversation about bowhunting, writing, and life as a grunt. You can order Charlie’s book in the links below and find him on Facebook. Charlie is a great story teller and an amazing guy, so we know you’ll like this one. Enjoy, God speed, and Semper Fi.

A Bowhunters Tales:

Charle T. Lamb Facebook:

One Comment on “Charles T. Lamb – PP065

  1. I really enjoyed hearing from Charles about life, bows, and hunting. His early days reminded me of shooting a youth bear re-curve bow on a farm in eastern Carolina as a kid.

    P.S. I would like info on being a corporate sponsor of your Podcast.

    Lawrence Heath

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